Lyrics WDL - Cashmere ft. Roads And Video

Lyrics And Videos WDL - Cashmere ft. Roads

WDL - Cashmere ft. Roads

Bloody hands on the wheel I drive headfirst into the night
Come in steady like a surgeons knife steel toed bottoming out
No telling what these years will bring I like that
Cause I'll still be alike
Lucky through the better and the bad times
But now my luck's run out

Thickening my bones never right not I'm not even close
Thickening my bones never right but I need it though
I leave nothing to warn her
Ripples in the water
Turning into storms how I wish you knew that you'll never get close
My heart is a ghost to you

Riding around how my broke heart roams
Headless into the night
Throwing stones into perfect glass homes
This road never runs out on nobody's side just asking me why
Cause I can't get enough
So alone I drive with no ending in sight
Cause I can't get enough


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