Lyrics Trophy Eyes - Counting Sheep And Video

Lyrics And Videos Trophy Eyes - Counting Sheep

Trophy Eyes - Counting Sheep

I keep my days open for sleeping in.

A late night phone call,
From someone you don't miss.
You keep them alive,
With simple small talk shit.
Uncomfortably honest,
And honestly lonely.
You've got somewhere to be,
Hey man don't worry about me.

The city stopped moving,
And I'm alone with my secrets.
I could probably hang myself with the curtains.

This is a story of a man,
Morning coffee in his hand,
With front row seats to old repeats,
Of a highlight real for years - yeah!
All the things I never said,
Are doing circles in my head.
Like counting sheep with no relief
Just another night alone - yeah.

Please don't let me leave on my own tonight.
I'll wait in your driveway in case you change your mind.
We can keep drinking 'til it feels alright.
We don't have to talk we can just be alive.

Uncomfortably honest,
And honestly lonely.

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