Lyrics Ghost Key - Solstice And Video

Lyrics And Videos Ghost Key - Solstice

Ghost Key - Solstice

Winter came and dried out my lungs
Its been months since I've seen the sun
The past collides with the present and reminds me of who I was

Running from myself but that will never change
I'll be doomed to repeat this
My words remain the same
(They will remain the same)

My Mistakes linger in my finger tips
Just like they linger in my voice
The tearing in my throat exposing seeds I could not sow

For so long I have avoided this
Buried the thoughts inside myself
Made excuses for the things I've said
All the wrong things in the right ways

Chasing a new perspective
Now I know what it's like to lose
Leave my old words in the winter
I'll free my neck from this rope I tied too loose

No Fullfillment
No more Stones to throw
I can't Rewrite my past
This is my hell

The cold creeps in
Cut out my tongue
The cold creeps in
My mind is a Prison

I never expected this
For the bridge to burn so calmly
A torch of my own creation
A fire thats only fueld by my own pride
The flames of my past are enough to keep me warm
But the same flame serve as a reminder
Of how the cold wouldn't let me go

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