Lyrics Heavy Things - Goner And Video

Lyrics And Videos Heavy Things - Goner

Heavy Things - Goner

I keep a ribbon tied in a knot around my wrist To represent promises made but never kept
How do you spend your time chasing all your dead ends and wasting mine
Like heat on the pavement you'll be gone with the sunset

I hope you find what you've been looking for
I hope you find exactly what you need
It's alright to be scared, realize your unprepared
You're not using me anymore

What does the world look like
Through that jealous set of eyes
You never realize everything you do is all a lie
Is this success to you
Using fake friends to help you prove
That you're worth something
When they've gone away then you will be something to forget


Here we are four years later
I'm left here with nothing
I think I finally see now

From the start we kept changing
It's not your fault
I'm making my own way now


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